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Blue Ribbon Kennels of Ohio
AKC Recognized Breeder for more then 12 yrs

At Blue Ribbon Kennels of Ohio we strive to have good quality, healthy parents to use in our breeding program, and see that all puppies are well socialized.
We try not to breed our adult mother past the age of 5 yrs (Mothers after the age of 5 are retired and adopted out) new chosen soon to be mothers are always raised within our kennels and never bought outside, this assures us of the quality of the bloodline, against disease and health problems of the pups.

Dads can breed much longer then the females, and they are around a little longer, but adopted out too after retirement age. New fathers are carefully picked within our contact list of other qualified breeders. This is to assure no inter breeding is done.

We currently know of no problems associated with any puppies that have come from us although studies have proven that regular checkups and vaccinations and a proper, healthy, veterinarian recommended diet can make all the difference in the quality of a pet's life.

Vet reference available upon request.

TXT 740-412-1659 ....... CALL 740-332-8362 for additional info on available puppies.

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