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Eye Stain Causes

Health - tear staining can become a problem due to excess tearing, blocked tear ducts, genetics, or simply cutting teeth.
Environment - many dog eye stains are due to the environment causing irritation or allergies.
Food & Water - eye stain can even be a result of the type of food or water you give your dog
Genetics - heredity plays a large role in the amount of tears .

Solutions to Eye Stains

Natural Remedies - try out a few of these remedies to naturally rid your dog of tear stains. Topical Treatments - there are many mixtures you can create and apply around your dog's eyes to reduce eye stain. Antibiotics - although a controversial subject, sometimes antibiotics is the only way to get rid of chronic tearstaining. Other Medications - there are even a few over-the-counter medications you can use to treat dog eye stains.


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