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Why a Male Puppy

This page is for those having a difficult time chosing a male puppy or female puppy.

Our personaly owned male canine pets are not and never used as breeders. They were either raised from our kennel or purchased from our well respected breeder friends, for the purpose of pet ownership by and for our family at blue ribbon kennels of ohio.

Our personally owned male canine pets not not raise their leg to go urinate. ( our vet recommends to neutered male puppies are a early age. ) Our personal male canine pets were neutered between 5 1/2 months to 6 months of age.

Our personally owned male canine pets do not mark our family home. ( again this maybe due to the neutering at a early age. )

Our personally male canine pets are more lovable the our personally owned female canine pets. ( not to say female canines are not loavalbe too! ) we just noticed here that the male canines persnailly owned by our family at blue ribbon kennels of ohio are the snuggly lap dogs that the male canine has showed us to be.

More out side comments welcome. Please only note positive comments on your personal experience with male dogs.

I agree that male pups are more lovey and they really love attention. They also seem to be easier to train as well. If you are coming to blue ribbon for a lap dog or a purse pooch I would skip getting a female expecially if the pup is around small children. Our family adopted a male peka-tease (sweetiest thing ever!) then two months later returned for a female malte zhu (Sukie). She is very sweet as well and a wondeful pet but our male sparkle wants to be held and loved on all the time. She on the other hand is independent and doesnt care to play with the children as often, she comes to us when she wants loved on. I got her knowing this though. We got her for our male to have a playmate. We love them both so much and we are very thankful for them! But remember boys are the lovers! I think females work better with older people or families with older children. I have owned many dogs over the years and have always prefered males they have better temperments :) hope this helps

The Russell\'s

I find that the males to be highly intellegnet, very very lovable,my male dot taught himself to puppy pad train,loyal,plyaful,and words just are not there to express my love for my male dog.


I have had two male dogs and lost them both to bad health at 11 years. I wouldn't change to getting females. My dogs never marked or raised their leg in our home. They were trained to go outside and never thought to do otherwise unless they were ill and couldn't help it. Male dogs are my choice. Of course, they were "my" dogs.


I just love my male dog and think males are more loving than girls. Also to me, a male is a better working dog. My next will be a girl but if I only had one, it would be a male.

Kim and Pi

This comment box is for people that already own a male dog and can want to give all the positive input
and experience they have had with their male canines. Please fill free to leave your comments below and submit.


*If any comment made here is not positive input for a male canine it will be removed.

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