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Teacup Puppies

Should you purchase a teacup?

You may be considering getting teacup puppy.
They're so small, cute, and loveable; who wouldn't want one of these tiny dogs?
Tiny teacups may have stolen your heart, but before you make that big decision to purchase one, take a look at the traits of these tiny dogs.

Teacup Traits

Fragile - since teacup dogs are bred to be tiny, they are also very fragile and can be easily hurt or even killed.
Poor Health - common issues with teacup puppies are crowded teeth, fragile bones, low blood sugar, and weak internal organs

Difficult to Potty Train - tiny teacups come with an even tinier bladder. The smaller the dog, the harder they are to potty train.
Picky Eater - many teacups have digestive and breathing problems that make them very sensitive to the food they eat.
Expensive - teacups are usually hundreds of dollars more than an equally cute and healthier standard sized puppies.
Now that you know more about teacup dogs you can make an educated decision about purchasing one for yourself.

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