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Since first introducing our services, Blue Ribbon Kennels of Ohio has been able to cater for a variety of individuals.
We believe that their words speak far louder than any of ours.


I am one of the retired mommy owners. I am very happy that i received this dog. She was well taken care of and you could tell that from the moment i saw her. She is doing very well and she is well loved.THANK YOU!!!


We just got our new pug puppy last week, and already are totally in love! She is beautiful! We enjoy her so much! Zoe is a sweetie & a little comedienne! Thank you so much! She fits our family so well. Thank you for taking such good care of Zoe.

The Ramsay's

Thank you so much. Our pug puppy Cody is a wonderful addition to our new family. We have been looking for a pug for so long and Cody is just wonderful very well taken care of. He was happy from the getgo. He is a wonderful pup. I would recomend you to anyone!!!! Thank you again for a wonderful and healthy puppy!

The Vernon's

We just received our baby London this past Friday, May 16, 2008. I have to say that she is absolutely GORGEOUS!!! Thank you so much for taking such good care of her. Just over the weekend, she has already learned to sit and go potty on her pee pad. She is truly a gem...I am telling the world of how good your puppies are!!!!!! Thanks again!

The Robinson's

We purchased a chihuahua puppy and are completely in love with him. He is a well mannered dog that loves to give love, thank you for taking such good care of him till he came home!

The Ravenscraft's

We took Bella home last night! We are totally in love with her. She is the best baby ever! She bonded right away with my kids and Boxer! She is so happy and playful and Buck is doing great with her! Thanks for taking such good care of her!

Jennifer and Terry

Thank you so much for all your work! We adopted the most adorable little pug puppy from you in July. She has fit into our family wonderfully. She loves to snuggle with you and fall asleep. She also loves to play with her pug sister who is 11 months. She is a perfect addition to our family. Thank you for your professionalism & willingness to answer all of our questions! Martini is great puppy!!

Michelle Shafer

I want to thank you for the great experience we had with our little female Lhaso Apso. We live in Columbus and had the chance of bonding with our new friend before she was not even a week old. What an experience and we are deeply appreciate of your friendship and help. We will definitely be back to purchase additional friends from you.

Ron and Linda Johnston

I not only came home with the most beautiful little girl chihuhua, but I was reunited with a past schoolmate. Thank you so much for the love and quality of the dogs you bless people with. With my father's illness, it was the first time I saw him smile and laugh for a very long time, and that's priceless to me.

Rhonda K. Bailey

We got our precious Maltepom last Christmas and we love her more each day! She is sweet and loving, healthy and happy. Thank You!

Alan & Theresa

I would like to pass along my appreciation of the way you all run your business. My son was able to come into your home each week to bond with his new puppy, Ozzy. He is a wonderful puppy, and I would recommend your business to anyone looking for a puppy. Thanks!

Melissa Tatman

I purchased a female maltechon in September 2007. She is now 1 year old and a very healthy, happy, and smart dog. Sophie has a beautiful white fluffy coat and after 1 year still has not developed any tear stains under her eyes. She weighs about 9 lbs now and is doing beautifully. I have no problem recommending this kennel to anyone looking to get a new addition for their family. I live in Michigan, and drove 3-4 hours away to get my pup. She was definately worth the trip! By all means, I'd do it again. Thank you for making me a proud and happy pet owner!


I purchased an adorable Maltipom this past December. She is well tempered and very pleasant. She is the best little dog I could ask for. I was able to come to the home of the breeder and see my baby every week until I was able to take her home. I was able to meet her mother and father which were very well taken care of. I was able to see for myself that the breeders really loved their animals. I feel so blessed to have found a wonderful breeder so close to my home. Buying a puppy was a big deal for me and I had checked out other local breeders and finally found Blue Ribbon Kennels. They really do care about their babies. My puppy is perfectly healthy. I recommend Blue Ribbon Kennels to everyone I know because is am so pleased with my puppy.


Cooper is a maltechon we adopted from you in July.He is very healthy and has a lot of energy.Since we are retired and children gone Cooper is are baby.Thanks so much for letting me come and bond with him every week from the time he was aweek old.He keeps us entertained constantly.You really know how to raise nice healthy puppies.He gets kisses every day. Thanks again and keep up the good work. Sue

Tina and Mom

Thank you so much for our beautiful healthy pug. We've named her Roxy. Wonderful service, I can see my puppy was raised with love.

Baysh and Jonathan

My brother purchased a Shih Poo in August and was so impressed with the owners and the kennel that we had to go check the place out. When we left that night, we went home with a Lhasa Shih. She is adorable! I can't imagine being without her now. When we take her places, everyone from children to adults are attracted to her. I would like to say how impressed I was with the owners and kennel. My husband and I along with three of our children felt very welcomed into their home. The owners provide a very clean, well-organized and loving home for the dogs. I have told several people about this kennel and will continue to spread the word. By the way, we finally named her Gizmo.

Todd and Sandy Bader

Thank you so much for such a lovely maltechon puppy. Bria is a beautiful addition to my family.I could tell when I got her that the kennel had took so good care of her. She is very smart and just precious. She is not my dog, I am her human. She is so spoiled. I Love her.


Thanks so much for our beautiful dog Pluto Davenport!!! He is so fun! My childrenn adore him... And to the Akers I will miss coming up to see you guys. Thanks for giving us such a beutiful puppy!!! We will never forget you.

Lance and Carmen Davenport

I got a puppy from you all he good dog now. I just got a female too she doing good.

Beth Young

We received our MalteChon last April and we love our little angel (MOZLEY) he is great. We have so much fun with him. Thank you for such a wonderful dog.

Ronda Phillips

We got our puppy, a Maltichon 12-16-08, and he instantly became a member of our family. We are very impressed with Blue Ribbon Kennels, and if we shoudl ever decide to get another puppy, this is where we would go. We named our baby Darby and he is really an awesome little dog. So smart, he's already house and crate trained. I love coming home to him, he makes you feel good! Thank you Blue Ribbon Kennels!!

Tamie McHone

My new "tug" is a well behaved dog! she is so loveable I highly recommend the kennel!
Thxs for such a great dog! love lucky and family.

Tanesha Newsome

I brought home my little girl lhasa porcia a month ago and she,s been a blessing,so healthy and full of personality,I was so impressed as to how Marie went above and beyond what i expected from a breeder,she was so sensitive to my situation,thank you for such a wonderful addition to our family.

Melissa Barker

I want to highily reconmend blue ribbon kennel to anyone who is looking for a sweet,healthy and wonderful puppy. I brought my sweet little Willow Grace home Jan. 17,09. I WILL NEVER FORGET how patient and kind you were to us answering all of are questions knowing that were new at being a cannine owners.We lost our Mario who was a cat after 18 wonderful years. Willow grace has helped ease our lose. She has brought such joy,laughter and happiness to me, my husband ,and our entire family!She is the sweetest,smartest,and well-behaved. May I add; was potty trained very easily. She loves going to the nursing home where I work. The residents love her.Thank you for making me a happy,proud and very muched blessed owner of my sweet Willow Grace.

Rose Compston
Shawnee, Ohio

We recently purchased our Maltechon named Bella.  She is so sweet and smart.  She has such a cute personality already. I have been so amazed at the progress she has made over the last few days!  Thank you so much.  We would recommend purchasing a puppy from Blue Ribbon Kennel to anyone! Bella is a wonderful addition to our family.

Tiffany Pound

I got my maltechon (Silo) a couple years ago and have enjoyed everyday with him! I am always being told that people have never seen such a happy and playful dog!I could not imagine my life without him! I am very pleased with Silo. Thank you so much!


I recently purchased a dog through the Blue Ribbon Kennels of Ohio and my Malti-tzu is as healthy and adorable as can be. Being able to visit my puppy before actually taking him home really made me feel better about getting a doggie from a breeder, and also helped us to bond. Everyone was incredibly nice and knowledgeable about the dogs and the breeding and training process. I feel so grateful to have my new little puppy! Thanks!

Emmily Morris

We just received our 2nd doxy puppy and once again we are very pleased. Our dogs are arrive healthy and with a sound temperment. Tena kept in contact with us from start to finish. We are very pleased with the new addition to our family. Thanks again!

Gina Garrene



We are the Wilson's shown in the Sept 08 pic. We adopted out little angel Shih-poo, Sophie nearly a year ago and don't know what we would do without her. She is just what you said she'd be when she was grown. She is teeny tiny and completely adorable with beautiful colors in her hair! I'm so pleased with her and I have referred my mother-in-law to you!

Olivia Wilson
The Wilson Family

I have only had my little chi for 2 days and just adore her..Everyone who meets her are so happy for my luck of finding this wonderful kennel. She is one of the happiest puppies I have ever had and I just love Emma to death

Barb Wuest

We just love our lhasa tese, she is the perfect puppy. Perfect health, playful and an all around sweet puppy

Amanda and Cameron Wright

I am so happy to finally have Cubbi (lhasa tese)home she is so cute, small and cuddly. She plays well with the other dogs (great danes) they will protect her from anything already she is there little girl. Thank you again.

Maureen Brewer

We bought a shih tzu from Blue Ribbon Kennels on 7-29-09. Her name is Gabriella Princess. We call her Gabby or Punky Love for short. She is adorable. We love her so much already. We took her to the vet the very next day and he said she looked very healthy. She has been the best puppy. She sleeps all night and is very affectionate. Her personality is the best. She is so full of energy and loves to run. She has two big sisters a Golden and aanother shih tzu. She loves to play with them and is always looking to have fun. We are so happy to have found the kennel and thought the whole experience was wonderful. I recommend if your looking for a nice healthy puppy give Blue Ribbon Kennels a call.

Joe and Jennifer Ulrich

I was looking for a puppy for a long time but couldn't find one. When I seen the picture of the Tugs, i didnt know what to think. They were so cut and little. But they were weird looking. I drove about 3 hours to get my baby chewy. He is 9 months now and I am so happy i found him.

Kanesha Bowens

I had been looking for a puppy for a really long time. but they were so expensive and not even well takin care of. when i saw tyson a lhase tese i knew he was exactly what i had been looking for. he is such a joy to have in our house. i am so happy we were able to find him at an affordable price and well takin care of. thank you blue ribbon kennels for everything!!

Maleeya Kay

I adopted my puppy norman from blue ribbon kennels about 2 years ago ! Norman was the easiest puppy to train - maybe 4 accidents total ! - they let me see the mom and dad because all the puppy mill talk had me very worried !! When i got to their home I realized they were just a family that loved dogs and loved what they do ! Norman is a huge part of our family and we are very happy with him :) The love of our life- thats for sure ! I would recommend blue ribbon kennels to anyone !

Alison Roush

I saw my puppy on their website, and fell in love. But as we live in Western Michigan, we were going to have her shipped. They went above and beyond by driving 4 hours to meet us to do the puppy exchange. Carmel is the sweetest little Chiweenie and we love her sooo much! Thank you Blue Ribbon Kennels of Ohio!!!

Shelly Genter

I met Marie and "Liberty Belle" a beautiful Chiahuahua 8/4/09. I fell in love with Libby and she was given 5 stars by my vet for health temperment and breeding, he actually asked where the breeder was located and advised me not to loose her number, for future family additions!! I could not be happier. Libby has adjusted well and is smart, sociable and healthy!
Thank you again Marie!


I got baby Lily 7/5/09, an adorable maltechon. I visited her every week or two since she was 9 days old. Marie and her mom encouraged my visits and were so flexible. They were really great with me and helped me out a lot as this was my first pet. Lily immediately got a clean bill of health from the vet and is a happy, healthy 4.5 month girl. I have to carry around Marie's business card because so many people ask me where I got her!

Mary Cornell

We just adopted a 10 week old Cockapoo and he is precious! Best of all, he was training to go potty outside the first night we got him! His health checked out great with the vet and I could tell he was taken care of very well. Blue Ribbon Kennels even held him for a weekend before we picked him up and we were grateful for that! Great place to buy a puppy!

Sean & Megan

waadoped a black male pug last year and he is my baby i love him.he was a great price and he was already trained to go potty outside as a little puppy and the BRK was so nice when i got my firsr puppy till i chose them to get my second one this year i habe a tug......and the braught him to my home and they they were vwrry kind on the price...and yes as long as they are around i will comtinue to purchase from them

Tomeka & Marc McCutcheon

I got Mugs-Ze our Malte Tzu for my birthday in October 2009 and he is the best present ever. He is very lovable and playful. He has brought us great joy. Blue Ribbon Kennels was great to work with and answered questions throughly. The vet said I had a great puppy. I will buy my next puppy there. Thanks to Marie and her Mom for all the help.

Tami Brandenburg

We bought a rare sable shihtzu from this kennel july 29, 2009. He name is Punky and she is the best puppy ever. She is so healthy and beautiful. We recently moved from Marion, Ohio to Fort Worth, Texas and Punky was the best little traveler. She did wonderful over the 32 hour drive. She never wimpered at all in her crate when she had to be in there. She has adjusted to the new house and surroundings way better than we expected. We love her so much. I cant thank Blue Ribbon Kennels enough for the best dog ever.

Joe and Jennifer Ulrich

Super nice people. Very helpful. Picked up our daughters "dream" dog today, a beautiful little Cock-a-poo. It was love at first sight.

Very knowledgable and great guarentees on health of the dog. Responsible breeder.

Jeffrey D Weiss

Just want you to to see our sweet little grace all grown up. Her birthday was dec 3,09. I CANNOT EXPRESS how much joy ,she has brought to our family. Everyone who meets her falls in love with her. SHE loves to dress up and has more clothes then I do. She very smart. Wilow grace knows all the basic commands. She loves to dressup and go bye-bye. I wanted you to know that she is very muched loved and care for. I can not image how much she means to our entire family. Sending you a picture of her 1st Christmas. I ALWAYS TELL EVERYONE WHOS LOOKING TO GET A DOG TO CHECK BLUERIBBON KENNELS OUT. ROSE COMPSTON AND WILLOW GRACE.

Rose Compston

Thanks so much for the opportunity to do business with you. It was very pleasant, and we are very lucky to have such a great puppy. We will definetely highly recommend. Thank You! We are very happy.

Nestor Gaviria

After many emails and phone calls with Maire I finally got to meet my bundle of Joy! I fell in love with his picture right away. He is a Lhasa Tsu and after much thought and prayer I decided on Aziel which means "Comforted by God". He is such a Joy to me and my family. He is strong, healthy and so lovable and almost potty trained and he's only been with me for a week now. I highly recommend Blue Ribbon Kennels if you are looking for a quality puppy to have for your family. God bless you and Thank You

Sharon Goodrich

We bought "Punky" our sable shihtzu July 09..She just had her first birthday June 9th 2010. She weighs 9 lbs and is so healthy. She is the star of our home. She is loved my everyone that meets her. She is the sweetiest baby ever! we call her a shihtzu with a Golden Retriever heart..She has the best personality. I cant thank Blueribbon Kennels enough for bringing this baby into the world and allowing me to buy her..We live in Texas now and am sad to know that if I ever want to buy a dog again, I will not be able to buy one here because of how far we live. We love her so much. There are not enough words to describe how much she is adored..Thank You again!!!

Jennifer Ulrich


I have an update on our baby girl \"Punky\". We bought her July/2009. She just had her 2nd birthday June 09, 2009. She is so healthy and we love her so much. She has never been sick in her whole life. I could never thank Blue Ribbon Kennels enough for this precious little girl. She is so loved!! We live in Texas and I would fly home to buy another dog from this Kennel if I was looking for another dog!! Thanks again!!

Jennifer Ulrich

At Christmas time I adopted a white Lhasa Chon from you. I just wanted to tell you that she is a wonderful dog. We named her Lily. She is so pretty, and very sweet and intelligent. She is not a yipper, she is very cuddly and easy to potty train. We always get compliments about what a wonderful dog she is. My mother is in love with her, and would be interested in adopting another puppy from the same parents. Lily fits perfectly into our family. Thank-you so much!

Melanie Toth

We adopted Rylee a malte-tzu and he is a wonderful puppy from day one...and very smart! It was great that we got to visit Rylee before he came home and it made the transition so much easier. Thank you for our bundle of joy!!!

Nicole Ott

I purchased a male, rare sable Shih Tzu from Blue Ribbon Kennels a little over a year ago. Bradshaw (yes named after the Steelers) has been my best little friend since the day we brought him home. He has the most heartwarming brown eyes, cute personality that everyone loves and just the best addition to our family. Everywhere we go, people stop me and say he is by far the cutest Shih Tzu they have ever seen and ask about his rare sable color. He is a little guy, with a big personality!! Thank you to Blue Ribbon Kennels for giving us the love of our lives and I will be sure to always refer people your way.

Andrea, Kylie and Korey Cooper
Powell, Ohio

We picked up our maltipoo last night and he is so much fun. My two boys already adore him. Thank you for the wonderful experience of purchasing a dog and all of your helpfulness! You guys are the best!

Andrea, Chase and Andrew Conner
Nelsonville, OH

We just purchased our second Matli Tzu and we are so blessed. We are really enjoying them. Thank you so much your dogs are great!!!

Leslie Casey

We picked up our little girl Malti Chon a couple of days ago. We named her chassi. She is such a fun little puppy, we love her very much!!! She is such a smart dog too she already knows her name. She fits right into our family.

Holli Eaton

We got a lhasa tzu in dec 09 she is very loved, spoiled and smart !!! We are expecting babies in 4 wks Dad is a mostly black imperial shih tzu I can\'t hardly wait! Thank you so much for our little Lizzy!!

Rosie Cottrill

We just brought home our little malti-poo boy pup and we couldn\'t be happier. Marie was friendly, kind, and so helpful with our purchase. Little \"Jimmy\" is a sweetie! Thanks~

Julie and Dan Greiner

We got our \"buggitt\" on Sunday 6/12/11- His name is now Rascal and he fit right in with his new 2 brothers (1 dog/1 cat) and 2 sisters (both dogs) right away! He\'s already got everybody wrapped around his little paws! His energy & cute little face is just the perfect fit for our family-we\'re all so glad we found him! Don, Kim, Rocky, Sophie, Ellie, & Boot Walters

Don & Kim Walters

I pick up my Maltichon on Memorial Day 2011. I named him Bleu. He got a little car sick the first 5 minutes in the car but LOVES riding in the car now. He loves playing with all the kids in the family and he fits right in. I have a lot of people (friends) wanting one now. Thanks again and I/we will be waiting on the next litter! :-)


My fiance and I brought 2 beautiful maltese puppies from blue ribbon kennels of ohio and that was the best money i ever spent they were great people they showed they cared alot for their puppies and i love them to death now its only been 2 weeks and they mean the world to us!!!! i would recommend blue ribbon kennels to anyone we drove from detroit thats how worthy they were to us.

Ciera Thompkins

Paige loves her toys and her new bed we bought her.She also loves the snow.She was worth the trip from Charleston WV to get her.

Bonnie Peal

We got a teacup chihuahua last Christmas and she was the best thing we have ever gotten! I named her Mercedes and we dress her up on halloween and for her 2nd Christmas with her she will be dressed as a Present! And we want another this Chrismas!! PLease contact us when the next teacup chihuhuas come in!!

Morgan Means

I bought a chihuahua/fox terrier mix and she is the sweetest little girl. Potting training is going okay. Still working on it. But I love her and would recommend Blue Ribbon to everyone wanting a designer dog.

Melissa S.Collins

I purchased the most handsome n Cutest puppyy (Malti Pek a Tzu) ever he\'s (Teekayy) the Best gift i\'ve ever received n i Love him wit all myy Heart alreadyy n so does myy mother :), thankuu so much for everythin ms.marie your service n assistants was great thanks!


I purchased a maltipoo from Blue Ribbon Kennels in April. He is one of the sweetest and most well behaved dogs I have ever owned, not to mention cutest! I highly recommend Blue Ribbon Kennels!


We got our little Zoe last Christmas (2010). She is a Pek A Tese and is the best dog we have had. No shedding, just some combing a couple times per week. So cute and lovable, she is one year old and her personality just gets better and better!

Mickey Scherer

I got my little Myloe (Chihuahua) in September/2011. He is the best and everyone that sees him is so in love with him. I had such a great experience that I came back for another dog who was a gift for a friend in New York. He too (Kristian) is doing very well. We love Blue Ribbon Kennels of Ohio, and I\'m looking for another one for my brother and his family, so he won\'t keep asking to purchase my dog.


We had a wonderful Puppy named Max for around 1 1/2 yrs. When we decided to get a 2nd, we came back to the same place and could not be more pleased. Our new member of the family, named Logan is just great. Thank you so much!!!


I got a Taco puppy and I am totally in love with her we named her CiCi. she is so smart and almost house broke. She weight 1 1/4 lbs now she weighs 4 1/2 lbs. She is a joy.

Melissa S.Collins

We received our AppleHead Teacup Chihauhau on July 7,2012.We were lucky to find such a FINE KENNEL that keeps Dogs of all Breeds in Good Health and Spirit. Ruby is well livedand cared for.We do recommand BlueRibbon Kennels to anyone who is looking fora Puppy. Rubyis very playful,comeic andBeautiful. If wecould get other one ,we would. Thank You Maddy and Joe

Magdalen Asaro / Joseph Gasiorowski

My family and I received our Shih Tzu Gizmo on Nov. 23rd 2012 and when I first saw his picture on the BlueRibbon Kennel\'s website, I thought he was too cute and I wanted to bring him home. But when we actually got to meet him and take him home we fell so in love with him. Our family is so happy to have him and he is so playful and joyous. I was so please with BlueRibbon Kennels on how the transaction went so smoothly and how healthy and well groomed they kept Gizmo prior to us receiving him. I have already shared with my family and friends how wonderful BlueRibbon Kennels are and I would recommend them to anyone looking for a well kept puppy.

Jedidah Billings

We traveled 2 hrs to get our malte-chon Bentley, he has been great and we could not be more pleased with him he is so lovable and so gentle and so playful. We love him and would recommend blue ribbon kennels to anybody. They have been great and always answered any of our questions. We think they are A+++++

Jon and Shawn

I adopted a wonderful, Funny, energetic and absolutely loveable little male lhasatese about 3 yrs ago for my parents and brother, We deiced to name him Koby. He Healed my mothers sad heart instantly. The dog we had before passed away and she became very depressed, you have no idea how much this little energetic puppy made her feel so much better. He has since then become not only the run of the family but the highlight of our small town as well, everyone knows who he is and give him lots of treats when they see him walk by. Hes loved by all and we are grateful to have him. Thanks for everything.

Williams Family

I got a pug puppy. From. Here in 2006. I name him otis. He now 8 years old. I never had a problem with him. I was so happy. I always. Wanted one. Thanks. Tina.

Beth Young
Lancaster, OH.

After looking for a Lhasa tese for sometime I finally found a breeder. I couldn't be more happy with my decision to purchase from BRKO. Buttons is all most 1 and is a healthy pup with to much energy. I was so happy with the dog I now have my sister purchasing a Shih Tzu from BRKO. Please keep up the great work!

Justin Coit
Garden City, MI

My wife lost her mother in September of 2011 and it had also been two years since we lost our Bichon. I had been looking for a Malte-Chon because of its smaller size for a few weeks prior to my wife's mothers anticipated passing to ease the grieving when I stumbled upon Blue Ribbon Kennels. Emmy is now over two years old, very healthy and is quite a joy. She only barks when she plays, rings a set of bells to go out, rolls over, chases the Geese off our pond and lays in your lap after a hard day. Thank you!

Jeff & Terri
Springboro, OH

We got our little boy on valentines day. Scooter is a maltichon who is full of energy! We could not be happier. He is currently 12 weeks old and loves to play ball, tug of war, and enjoys walks. He has been the best addition to our family, and his puppy kisses will make anyone smile. I also want to take the time to thank Tina, who always answered the phone when we had a question about our little man. We are very happy and can't wait to watch Scooter grow up! Thank you for everything you guys do!

Fred and Kelli
Westerville, Ohio

We bought a female matlese bischon about 9 months ago. I've never been an animal person and I'm allergic to dogs. Words can't describe how much I love our little Bella! She has fit perfectly into our family. She is so sweet, loving and has been a complete joy. We look forward to adding another just like her to our family. Definitely recommend Blue Ribbon Kennels!

Bonnie Clinger
Pickerington, OH.

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